key benefits of soft floor campers

If you love camping under canvas but need more space in the tent, and somewhere safe to stash all your gear then a softfloor camper could be for you.

Generally speaking, softfloor campers consist of a 6x4ft box trailer to store your camping gear, a bed base that acts as a lid for that gear, and a large tent that’s protected by a vinyl cover when you’re out on the road. Softfloor campers will often have a toolbox and kitchen facilities as well.

Tents on softfloor campers usually fold out quite far from the long side of the trailer (the 6ft side), to provide a large, deep covered space for little ones to sleep or play in wet weather, with room spare for cots, cribs and tables. Since the tent floor rests on the ground and the bed is on top of your gear, there’s quite a hike up to the bed but some softfloor campers provide a small staircase next to the bed.

When it comes time to parking your camper at camp, you need to think about the direction the tent will face, especially since a side-fold tent requires a lot of space. Not all caravan parks can accommodate large softfloor camper trailers so you’ll need to discuss your needs when you book.

It takes a bit more time to prepare a campsite for a softfloor camper and to set up the tent compared to other types of campers because the floor rests on the ground. Those who are familiar with large tents shouldn’t have a problem though. In fact, softfloor side-fold tent designs have become much easier to set up in recent years.

The kitchen on a softfloor camper will either open flip open from the back of the trailer (this is called a ‘tailgate kitchen’) or slide out in a drawer (referred to as a ‘slide-out kitchen’).

Tailgate kitchens are straightforward, take up very little room in the main storage tub but are limited to the size of the trailer’s tailgate. Slide-out kitchens tend to consume more of the storage space and aren’t as popular  even though some include more features.

Softfloor campers can perform very well in offroad situations as they usually weigh less compared to other types of camper trailers with similar features. What’s more, a lot of the weight falls close to the trailer’s axle which keeps it steady when you tow.

In fact, if your softfloor camper is equipped with the right suspension and a weight-rated boat rack, you can usually get away with hauling it with a tinny on top for less than 1.5 tonne.


Softfloor campers in a nutshell: great for extended stays and big group needs. 

  • More site prep
  • More storage facility
  • Larger tent area
  • Vinyl floor
  • Greater distance to get into bed
  • Less towing weight

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