Investing in a holiday is a gift to ourselves, which is why we must consider who we are when choosing our next Recreational Vehicle (RV). Camper Trailers, Caravans and Hybrid Campers help us explore this spectacular country in their own way. But how do you know which way’s right for you? In our special RV comparison, we explain the differences between these three popular styles in the Mars Campers range. 


Camper Trailers, Caravans and Hybrid Campers provide extra comforts out on the road. You’ll gain more storage and with many conveniences ready to go, organising a quick getaway is a cinch. Most RVs have a bed, an undercover kitchen, gas supply and water storage. With many models, regardless of style, featuring elaborate power systems to operate appliances and top-up an internal battery.


If you’re after a classic camping experience under canvas, with the comforts of a kitchen, water storage and a bed, then a Camper Trailer is ideal. These RVs comprise a trailer fitted with a swing-out or roll-out kitchen and a tent that opens to the side, front or rear.

Some set up and site preparation is required, which varies according to the model and style, but you’re rewarded with a large undercover area and a really lovely, organised space to prepare a meal. 

family camper on a rover

A Camper Trailer’s towing height is lower than a Hybrid Camper for easier rear-view visibility, and narrower than a Caravan for better manoeuvrability on or off road depending on the model. 

Furthermore, Camper Trailers are lighter than other RVs, especially smaller models with fewer featyres.


  • Canvas roof
  • Fold out or roll out kitchen
  • Water storage 
  • Folds up for towing
  • Low profile when towing
  • Battery System
  • Set up required


Like to hit the tracks in the comforts and security of a solid wall van? Then maybe a Hybrid Camper is your thing. They’re manoeuvrable like a Camper Trailer with a convenient setup similar to a Caravan. A Hybrid Camper’s narrow dimensions usually match those on a typical 4WD so their wheels can follow the tow vehicle’s tracks. Many Hybrid Campers feature an elevating roof—or pop-top—to minimise air-resistance.

Aside from the bedroom, comforts and living in most Hybrid Campers are centered in the outdoors; in fact, outdoor showers and elaborate roll out kitchens with pantries are common. That said, many Hybrid Campers like the Mars Campers range have some indoor plumbing for a combo shower/toilet ensuite, a small bench and a kitchen sink.

SAturn 13 hybrid camper of the year finalist

Tailored for off road travel, Hybrid Campers are lighter than Caravans—about 2-tonne, empty—and are almost always equipped with drop-on couplings and independent suspension. 


  • Narrow, like a 4WD
  • Secure, hard walls
  • Emphasis on external living
  • Tailored for the off road
  • Lighter than a caravan


Seeking home-like comforts on an extended trip? A Caravan might be your best bet. Most Caravans contain a lounge and a dining area, ensuite, bedroom and internal kitchen, which are often fixed for fuss-free arrivals at camp.

Mars 16 off road caravan

Caravans provide excellent protection against the weather and they’re easily secured, which makes them great for long-term travel.

Mars Campers produces Off Road Caravans with independent suspension and drop-on couplings. But due to their wider profile and heavier footprint greater care is required on undulating terrain and tight tracks, compared to an Off Road Camper Trailer or a Hybrid Camper. 


  • Easy to secure
  • Requires towing mirrors
  • Provide great weather protection
  • Internal features usually fixed

The Next Steps

If you need help choosing the next camper trailer or are thinking about upgrading your existing one, contact the Mars team today. We’d be happy to help and answer any inquiries you have about your camper trailers.