6 Fake News About Chinese Manufactured Camper Trailers

Camper trailer manufacturing and the subsequent import industry have come a long way since the first leading examples from China that were so poorly made many fell apart on their maiden voyage. However, due to overwhelming investment in research and design by large companies such as Mars Campers, Chinese manufactured camper trailers are now competitive with quality Australian made models. Constant testing, revision and attention to customer feedback means that Australian’s can now purchase an affordable, quality product with good after sales service support and renders the follow myths largely debunked.

Fake News #1 – Chinese manufacturing take jobs away from Aussie locals

The reality these days is that most high consumer items are manufactured in China or other Asian countries where labour and materials are considerably cheaper than Australia. They are also much faster to produce in large quantities and this is what makes offshore manufacturing so appealing to Aussie importers of camper trailers. However, exceedingly large numbers of people are employed within Australian import companies in fitting, assembly, sales and marketing areas due to the large volume of campers sold every year. This means that in reality there are a similar amount of people employed in import companies when compared with Australian manufacturers as the latter tend to have a lower volume output overall. Mars Campers alone, sells more camper in a single week than most smaller Australian manufacturers sell in a whole year.

Fake News #2 – All Chinese made canvas leaks

This is simply untrue. Most canvas for camper trailers, tents, swags and even military requirements in Australia is made and imported from China. There are just different grades and qualities available like any other fabric product. Some common misconceptions that contribute to this myth are that canvas weight (in ounces) is a primary indicator of waterproofing capability. 12oz versus 16oz canvas is largely irrelevant except when it comes to durability, however factors that do have bearing on waterproofness include the tightness of the weave and whether the cotton itself was treated with a waterproofing solution before manufacture, fully immersed in the solution after manufacture or had it simply sprayed on. A good importer should be able to answer any questions on canvas quality for you so you know what you’re buying and how to take care of it.

6 fake news about Chinese campers

Fake News #3 – Importers pick their trailer designs out of a catalogue

True for some, but not for others. Large companies such as Mars Campers possess extensive buying power and their own factories with the ability to produce customised camper trailers for their businesses which have been designed and engineered in Australia for Australian standards and conditions (see Ares and Rover). Many are designed from the ground up to incorporate features that conform to the consumer’s growing wants and needs. Similarly, numerous importers simply have parts manufactured from local and overseas materials in China and then assemble the componentry in Australia to maintain quality control and solid construction.

Fake News #4 – Cheaper price means poorer quality

Though this is not always the case, Chinese manufacturing can vary from mediocre to excellent in its standard of build, however it is not until an importer grows to have a big enough buying capacity that they are able to influence or customise aspects of quality and design. Most well-known Aussie camper trailer importers have this ability and have employees who regularly visit or are permanently located close to manufacturing sites to monitor and oversee quality control checks. Many also have Australian engineers who work closely with manufacturers to ensure the strongest and most versatile materials are used in the build process.

Fake News #5 – Chinese manufacturing is not designed to stand up to Australian conditions

Again, there is plenty of evidence available in all forms of media that attest to the quality and toughness of imported camper trailers throughout Aussie conditions. Four-wheel driving, off-road and camping magazines, videos and mainstream television programs have hours of footage with real-world testing, comparison and review. Quality has come a long way as the industry has grown and Chinese manufacturers have listened to the Australian consumer and their importing partners to fix problems and develop better ways to deliver a quality product. Most reputable imported camper trailers nowadays should stand the test of time and if properly maintained, hold their value.
Mars Campers have in numerous occasions been side by side with the best campers ever made in Australia and more often than not, we have much happier customers as they did not have to fork out a small fortune for their camper.

Fake News #6 – All Chinese campers come out of the same factory.

A lot of campers come from a small number of factories, but not from a single one. Over the years a few importers and manufacturers such as Mars Campers, have managed to setup their own plants in China or partner with reputable operators, this have dramatically increased the quality of the campers been produced and helped eliminate bad operators, not only in Australia, but also in China.
With the advent of the internet, everyone can now research any business and learn about their products and by looking closely you will notice that even though many components are similar, the campers aren’t exact the same as each other and the quality can vary greatly.

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