Safe towing system
Safety is a top priority for most people, so having a quality electric braking system means your belongings won’t end up in the opposite direction to where you’re travelling. A solid poly bock coupling will provide maximum articulation for off-road tracks and quality suspension and shock absorbing equipment will make sure none of the eggs crack from the corrugations to spoil Sunday morning breakie.5 Must Haves of Every Camper Trailer Comfort and Convenience

One of the most important essential on your camper trailer checklist is a fully functioning kitchen. You need at least 2 gas burners, storage drawers and plenty of workable bench space around the sink. A streamlined surface will allow for easier cleaning and a lightweight but durable design means many years of straightforward meal prep.
camper trailer kitchen

Water tanks
Investment in a camper trailer with a decent sized water tank will ensure you never need to head back into civilisation over your weekend break…unless of course you run out of beer. Anything over 60L capacity is sufficient for a few days away. Make sure the camper includes connecting hoses and that the tank has well-fitting hose clamps. Additionally, a 12v electric pump to get water to your kitchen is a must.

Quality Canvas
Ease of setup with a camper trailer versus a tent is evident, but what happened to all the extra space you used to have? With the addition of an annex or extra room, you don’t have to compromise. This way everyone has enough space inside and out to camp comfortably. Make sure the canvas is durable with sufficient waterproofing and reinforced double stitching. This also applies to the window construction to keep out unwanted guests. A tropical roof cover is also desirable as it keeps you cooler during the day, warmer at night and provides additional heavy rain protection.

12v Setup
Want to make sure the beer stays cold? A 12v electrical system will keep all your essentials running. Bare minimum your trailer should have a few 12v outlets, an Anderson plug, circuit breaker and master on/off switch and somewhere to store your battery. And if you can’t do without larger devices, consider an inverter and 240v inlet connection to charge your batteries at home or the caravan park.

Next steps
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