10 Must haves when camping with kids

Don’t leave home without these top-10 essentials— to keep them amused and your sanity intact.

10 Must haves when camping with kids
  1. Water storage

Our water tank is filled at every location where the water doesn’t taste like iron ore or salt (even if it does have floaty bits). Topping up with enough water for drinking and washing is vital. Kids tend to be picky about everyday, even mundane, things. This only adds to potential exasperation.

  1. Warm and dry raincoats

We haven’t needed them much but they are much appreciated when we do. 

  1. Bikes for the kids

The ability to have a little breathing space while they are off having fun is well worth the hassle of mounting the bikes on the camper trailer.

  1. A variety of clothing
variety of clothing when camping with kids

Packing a little bit of everything goes a long way. You never know what the weather will be – or how long it will be until your next laundry.

  1. A camp kitchen

A well set-up camp kitchen with the basic tools you need to prepare any dish in a hurry helps take the stress out of meal preparation time.

  1. Sturdy table and chairs

We are continually grateful for our solid table and two independent bench seats. It means the kids can easily reach the table without any wobbles, and as a bonus, the chairs can be moved around and used for sitting and just enjoying a view.

  1. A 12V LED light

There’s nothing worse than not being able to see what you are cooking or eating. Our 12V LED light connects to the trailer and lights up our cooking and eating space beautifully. And no, miners’ headlights don’t work for little kids.

  1. Storage

The ability to store essentials and things which may or may not get you out of trouble is worth it.

  1. The camper trailer fridge

The ability to store our food and keep it cold is essential. (Remember, VB does not count as food.)

  1. A sense of humour
camping with sense of humor

Every day is different and if you retain a sense of humour even the tensest situations can be resolved. After all, we are on holidays.

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