Similar to the regular Mars Spirit, but with more living space and upgraded features.

The Spirit Deluxe is truly the ultimate forward folding off road camper and one of the most practical options when you’re off the beaten track and need to cater for a growing family. Heaps of storage and sleeping quarters this may be the one for you.
  • Two Sleeping Areas
  • Dinette Lounge
  • Functional Kitchen
  • Plumbed Water and Gas
  • Independent Suspension
  • Twin Spare Wheels
*Pricing starts from:
$102 per week
"Price excludes dealer delivery & REGO. Images may include optional accessories"
  • Lifetime Memories Guarantee
  • Off-Road Capable
  • Easy Setup


The Spirit Deluxe was thought out as the camper for family with growing kids. It delivers spacious living and two sleeping quarters and plenty of storage space.
  • Two Sleeping Areas
  • Dinett Lounge
  • Ample Storage Areas

Comfort and Convenience

Main Queen size bed, secondary double bed for the kids, fully functional kitchen with plumbed gas and water plus ample storage are all there for your comfort and convenience.
  • Two Sleeping Areas
  • Dinette Lounge
  • Fully Functional Kitchen


Comprehensive electrical 12v system, galvanized and fully welded chassis, aluminium trim and electric brakes are some of the technologies used to make this camper last.
  • 12v Electrical System
  • Galvanized Chassis
  • Electric Brakes


Fully off-road capable by design, the Spirit Deluxe will follow you to the centre, or around Australia and back. You name it and the Spirit Deluxe will be right behind you.
  • Independent Suspension
  • 6 Stud 16" Tires + Twin Spares
  • High Ground Clearance


Now you can have your cake and eat it. The Spirit Deluxe leaves you with money in the bank so you can go on the trip of a lifetime without spending your kids inheritance
  • Beds For Everyone
  • Featured Packed
  • Easy to Tow and Store


We are committed to enhancing our sustainability by investing in regional towns and constantly working on new and more efficient ways to deliver great value campers that you will love and want.
  • Light weight = Less Fuel Usage = Less Emmissions
  • Reduced Tear and Wear on Towing Vehicle
  • Complete Campsite in One Unit
Mars Campers Testimonials

I bought a Spirit a few months ago and am extremely happy with it. Easy to set up and very comfy. As for a bunch of very professional guys there, I couldn't rate them highly enough!

Shaun Wilton