Do you enjoy relaxing when away camping in the bush, sun or sand for a weekend? The Extremo Camper Trailer helps you do that like no other.

The Extremo seamlessly integrates simplicity, comfort & ruggedness in the hard floor camper trailers range. Its features 5mm thick gusset plates, galvanized chassis, body with textured hammertone finish, extremely robust and balanced independent suspension to take you on all the harshest routes that Australia has to of
  • Easy to setup and pack down
  • Hard Floor
  • Independent Suspension
  • Twin Shock Trailing Arm
  • Electrical Setup
  • Full Off Road Capability
*Pricing starts from:
$73 per week
"Price excludes dealer delivery & REGO. Images may include optional accessories"
  • Econimical to Tow
  • Lifetime Memories Guaranteed
  • Suits Small Families or Couples


Designed to follow you to your favorite camping spots and deliver a stay with comfort and convenience.
  • Full Off Road Capability
  • Ready to Camp in Minutes
  • Easy Setup
Mars Extremo Electric Winch

Comfort and Convenience

Comfy bed and roomy internal floor are just the beginning. Step outside and you have an fully enclosed extra room, functional kitchen and 12v outlets to plug whatever you need and much more.
  • Comfy Bed
  • Internal Lights
  • Electric Setup
Mars Campers Hard Floor Vanguard inside tent


Don't have much patience or time to be fiddling with complicated poles system? The Extremo was designed with you in mind. Pull up at your favorite campsite and be ready in 5 minutes or less.
  • Electric Winch Setup
  • Independent Suspension
  • Full Electrical Control Panel
Mars Extremo Hero Side Power Panel  Image


Full on off road ability, light on the towing vehicle and agile around tight corners. The Extremo will follow your 4X4 on all of your adventures and come back to help you tell the story
  • Fully Independent Suspension
  • Anderson Plug to Charge as you Drive
  • Light Weight Hard Floor


Do you value your hard earned savings? The Extremo hard floor camper goes head to head with units that cost up to 5 times more and still come on top when it come to quality and capability.
  • Low Maintance
  • Cheap to Tow
  • Easy to Store
Mars Extremo Hero side Shot


The Extremo is designed for low drag when in tow for fuel efficiency and it has all the bells and whistles so you can camp with the minimal disruption to the environment.
  • Light Weight = Low Fuel Usage
  • Complete Campsite in One Unit
  • Minimal Disruption to the Environment
Mars Extremo mud flap
Mars Campers Testimonials

Well took the Extremo away for 10 days over Christmas and had no issues whatsoever. Got very windy up the river and didn't have to move or fix any ropes or poles even with the annex up.

Pazz Darcy